Mysteries of the Occult

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Designed my circle today. It’s based on symbolism used in the LBRP and the LBRH. It also includes the planetary symbols on the hexagram, as well as the elements on the inner pentagram. Probably gonna draw it onto a sheet or a flat piece of cardboard, using corresponding colors.

I just notice while typing this up that the god names are in the wrong places lol, I guess I had it facing the wrong way when I drew them in. Gonna fix that before I make the real thing lol

I might also add the Hebrew versions of the names and all that, I’m terrible at writing in Hebrew lol.

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    That’s a good idea too, I like the idea of adding sigils. It’s just deciding what to sigilize, and making sure it’s...
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    Ritual and Correspondence is the number one rule, but besides that it’s Rule of Cool. Personally. :P Anywho how about a...
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